Standing for justice and equity for Black Americans

The We Count Los Angeles campaign is profoundly saddened and angered by the murders of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement across this country. In response to these tragic and senseless deaths, we must come together to say no more and push for real change. We are united with our communities that are speaking out against systemic racism and violence and standing for justice and equity for Black Americans. 

As a coalition of over 100 community partners mobilizing collectively to ensure every Angeleno counts in the 2020 census, we believe that every life has value, every voice must be heard, and that every person counts. But this cannot be held true until every Black life, every Black voice, and every Black person is bound by the same level of human rights as everyone else.

An accurate census count is a building block of equity. It drives funding to some of the most vital resources in our communities in health, education, and child care. It ensures our voices are heard through congressional representation. An accurate census is a cornerstone of how our communities can recover and thrive in a post-COVID world.

As protests continue to engulf our communities amid a global pandemic, many of us are feeling uncertain and afraid. Many are asking what they can do during these times. Every person that is volunteering, protesting, organizing, and strategizing in this moment is playing a critical role in an unprecedented national civic engagement movement that will move us forward.

Each of us can play a role in bringing about a brighter, better future.

One of the most important and simplest ways that we can work together to build and generate lasting change is by summoning the courage to be fully present civically. We can start by taking five minutes to fill out our census. 

While this is a moment of collective pain, this is also a moment for unity and collective power. It is our responsibility to rise up and stand alongside the movement in unison and in solidarity. By completing our census, and encouraging others to do so, one by one, we build a stronger future for us all. We share our power and dedicate ourselves to the greater public good.

We can imagine a new society where our communities receive the resources they deserve. We can imagine a community that thrives and ensures the safety and well-being of every Black person. As a campaign, we call on each and every one of you to stand up, unite and join the movement for a better future. Fill out your 2020 census today. Speak out. Stay involved. Continue the movement.

And always remember: #BlackLivesMatter.  Say their names. Honor them:

George Floyd ⁠— Ahmaud Arbery ⁠— Breonna Taylor ⁠— Sandra Bland ⁠— Tamir Rice ⁠— Philando Castile ⁠— Stephon Clark ⁠— Michael Brown ⁠— Oscar Grant ⁠— — Eric Garner — Trayvon Martin ⁠— Samuel DuBose ⁠— Terrence Crutcher ⁠— Walter Scott 

In solidarity,

We Count LA